dear diary…

  • asleep at 2 40 am. 8 30 am was at clients place. tender meeting. to design a glass jig (upcoming LCD’s will have non glare glass. to protect the lcd panel and give cosmetic boost.
  • supposed one major payment masuk but apparently they gonna courier the cheque month end.. haishhhhhhhh
  • alhamdulillah the company were blessed with various jobs recently. despite having huge personal matters, the projects will keep me busy till the coming CNY. Alhamdulillah.
  • another great guy had join us thus strengthen our production line. and i do believe that combined with current staffs, we can produce more top quality jigs and machines… alhamdulillah.
  • had to schedule productions to ensure smooth operation and most important – cost effective
  • will sent 2 guys to client place. berkampung kat sana !
  • meggi for lunch
  • i receive a call from the arabs, asking me to meet them in their factory.they had few projects for me and a quite big project after i finished the assigned jobs
  • the arab speaks japanese fluently – very impressed
  • he once designed a robot for oil drilling. and patented it.  – very very impressed
  • asar with them
  • they present me with nice organiser
  • tomorrow need to do many phone calls to suppliers – haishhhhhh

4 Responses to “dear diary…”

  1. seems good, prayer for your good days ahead yeah!

  2. alhamdulillah..abanglong senang hati saya pun tumpang jugak lah!

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