cuti skolah

ermm… its the school holidays.. first of all, the roads amazingly would be less congested in the mornings… the would be non existance of those beemers,e and c classes, prado, accords, lexus, and many more “banglo bergerak” that ferries the kids by their housewife mum’s who parks like *@^%#$! depan skolah dekat ngan my office.

so kids… where shall we go for vacation this year ? tokyo disneyland? looks like a wise choice. or maybe south africa? looks nice in those brochures.or shall we fly to dubai and see for ourselves those man made islands.or if u want try something different; lets head to iran; i heard that its also very nice despite the negative view by the west…

bwakakakaka….. how i wish i can say all those words to my kids.cuti jer terbang keliling dunia. how i wish!! i cant afford all those luxuries.. at least for now.  i just moved into a new premise less than one month now. every single cents counts. the company is so very new.and i really broke. downpayment kilang; pindah machines; setup office; new equipments and toolings to purchase; new machines and the list goes on and on and on….

i tried my best to cut all those unnecessary expenses. cuma one thing that my staff notice is when i buy tools or equipments for them; i always beli yg japan spec, paling cokia pun taiwan made.not china made. i told them, yeah it somehow costs almost double but the lifespan of those things berganda ganda dari china made.

i went to a pasar borong nearby; beli ayam beli daging, beli ikan and sayur for the family of me,the wife,the maid and 3 little angels.gedebak gedebuk abis gak dekat ngan rm200.last night pi carefour, beli susu,milo,pampers and such pun abis gak dekat 200. hmmmm money is smaller and smaller these days eh… so, kalau family yg besar camana agaknya ekk…

dulu i told my kids, papa masa skolah dulu atuk bagi 20 sen jer tau….. tergelak they all… papa beli apa 20 sen???? i said haaa nanti u all ada anak besok, belanja sekolah satu hari 30 ringgit tau!

itu lah… sesekali rasanya; bestttt dok kat kampong 🙂


5 Responses to “cuti skolah”

  1. well one day..u will be up there..u can even own a private jet…uhuhuhu… yea sekarang ni, money value less and less..time my dad, 5 sen dah luxurios, time me sekolah rendah 50 cents lebih dr cukup, leh menabung lagi, time sekolah menengah RM5 tak cukup the future..bebudak guna credit card kot…ahaks

  2. tak aperlah naik rakit dulu….nanti bila dah senang…baru lah naik kapal layar..jom monsoon cup!!!

  3. wakakakaka arsaili- lagi ramai ler bapak2 bengkrap dek credicard nih.but nowdays a lot of uni already implement the prepaid card for meals rite… tanda tanda awal la tu.

    dbi: abanglong mabuk laut ehhh hehehehe

  4. ye lah abglong…

    rasanya zaman anak- anak i nanti depa kena pakai kredit kot! oh alahaiii.. makin cepat le duit teman habissss…

  5. haaaa…. musti gold card tau! hahahahaha

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